samsung flip phone

 samsung flip phone

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Long-term changing the look of the Galaxy Z Flip is an expanded new smartphone experience with a .compact. architecture completely reimagined with a revolutionary foldable glass in your pocket
Pocket or phone in a pocket or bag and go, from palm to pocket straight to the phone.
The Galaxy Z Flip has a more attractive and distinctive exterior appearance with beautiful colors.
Capture your photo while captures your photo with capture HD quality 4K photos and fisheye views, capture high-resolution photos
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

The AMOLED screen has been opened with a dynamic AMOLED screen quality that provides you with high quality single, internal, internal, and external, and the presence of a degree so that half a dozen and seven inches of beautiful average display
Personalized Experience A nifty new genre on a sleek new experience With the continuity of Flex Mode and Multi-Active Window, the Galaxy Z Flip provides elegant new ways to capture sharing and knowledge.
The powerful, yet powerful Galaxy Z Flip 855+ processor with a slim, power-packed 300Ah battery, 8GB, and 256GB RAM, the latest automated operating system gives you the speed and fitness you want to run the compact type
Included Checkup: Akg Receiver
Camera Description: Rear

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