iphone 12 pro max accessories

iphone 12 pro max accessories

The significant camera improvement, A14 Bionic ship, fancy redesign, and ceramic shields present the iPhone 12 pro max as the ideal phone if you have the cash for it. iPhone 12 pro max, of course with an iOS 14, is a phone that, with a truckload of impeccable features, appeals to most tech and photo enthusiasts and may continue to appeal to them in years to come. Here's why.

Here is a concise overview of the iPhone 12 pro max


The most significant aesthetic variation between all iPhone 12 series and their predecessor is the flattened sides. Apple brought back that squared-off edge look featured on the iPhone 5 and wrapped the iPhone 12 pro max in a classic stainless steel frame. You can get an iPhone 12 pro max case at Amazon or other retail outlets to add to the aesthetics and protect sides and back from losing their values. 


In contrast to the previous flagships, the iPhone 12 series have a slimmer bezel that will accommodate a large screen comfortably without a significant increase in the overall size. However, the iPhone 12 pro max comes with a bigger size of 6.7 inches, which is bigger compared to the other phones in the lineup.

Ceramic shield

Another sizable observation is the screen glass. The iPhone 12 pro max features the newly unveiled apple ceramic shield technology. This technology gives it a 4x better drop performance compared to the lineups that featured a gorilla glass. With it, I do not think there will be a need for an iPhone 12 pro max screen protector unless to protect it from scratch in the long run. 


If the drop performance has convinced you to forgo an iPhone 12 pro max phone case, of course, these colors will play at least a little role in your decision making. Apple unveiled some new colors with the iPhone 12 pro max (with an ultra-shiny and C-3PO gold hue inclusive), giving you that exclusive and classy feel. The colors include silver, graphite, Pacific blue, and gold.


The iPhone Pro Max features the A14 Bionic chip, superior to some of its predecessors with a 60Hz display. 

Is any iPhone 12 pro max discussion complete without talking about 5G? The iPhone 12 pro max and all iPhone 12 lineups can deliver a much higher speed than their predecessors than lack the 5G capability. That makes them more future-proofed. 

Apple says that the iPhone 12 pro max battery could last up to 20 hours, higher than other iPhone 12 lineups. Of course, 5G means more battery consumption, so apple features a smart data model in the iPhone 12 pro max to strike a balance between the 4g and 5g for optimum battery consumption. 

The camera features a new technology called lidar. Lidar means light detection and ranging. This feature enhances the portrait mode feature and low light focus. It also features a new technology called ProRaw. This tech blends the computational capability of apple and a raw image format to give that professional feel to pictures.


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